Suns Out Guns Out

Suns Out Guns Out

Yassi okes, it’s almost time to head for the coast and go pull some hot blonde belters with the boys. You know what that means hey? We need to klap gym boet! Hard!

The first step to a flippin hot body is to make sure you are checking your macros. You must smash the protein if you want to make your gains!  There is no time to play with carbs, that stuff is not going to help you get cut and ripped.

You must make sure okes that you are dressed to impress, no use hanging out around the hot blonde chicks at the gym if she can’t see the veins popping on your massive arms. A tight vest is the best way charna, tight and well cut to maximise visibility of your definition and your massively popping veins.

It is also very important that if you want to be taken seriously, as an oke who cares about how he looks, you need to work on your tan. None of this pale nonsense. The darker the tan, the more buff you look and the more likely you are to get the attention of that hot blonde chick in the spinning class. Don’t be scared to hit the sunbed charna, or fully commit and get a proper spray tan. Then watch as everyone stares in amazement as your awesome definition as the light reflects off your perfect glow. Lekker okes.

Lastly, if you really want to get your guns noticed, you must make sure you have the best ink. None of that girly flower stuff okes, proper tribal designs, and you must rock at least a half sleeve. Okes when you have fully loaded guns, with a proper tan and lekker tats, packaged in a tight vest, the chicks are gonna go mal for you charna, like proper.

Enjoy it okes, sun’s out, guns out!