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Advantages of working in a residential area


Running a business from a residential area can be a tempting concept for many reasons.
Renting a business-zoned property in a residential neighbourhood will cost far less than renting an equivalent space in a purely commercial area. This is often the primary motivator for running a business in a residential area.
Surroundings play a huge role in productivity and company morale, and the tranquillity of a residential neighbourhood can help create a relaxed and happy work environment.
Working in a residential neighbourhood tends to create a more down-to-earth, approachable and personal company image, which can be a powerful asset to businesses trying to stand out from a faceless, corporate crowd.

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The biggest consideration is access to the property. Are the access and exit points adequate for the expected visitors to the premises? Is the site in close proximity to major routes? How will peak hour traffic affect access to the premises?
Residential areas are prone to traffic stacking during peak times, especially close to schools and residents may complain about the rate of activity. In residential areas, sufficient parking space may also be limited.
One needs to ensure that the zoning of the property caters for the specific business to be operated thereon. The zoning of the property attaches to the property itself, and not to the owner thereof.
Most commercial properties come with some form of onsite security, whether it’s a gated business park, a guard for the building, or a remote monitoring system. Properties in residential areas don’t normally have this benefit which means you’ll need to factor hiring security into your cost of doing business.
q Information obtained from Rawson Properties.