Meat Your Local Butcher

Buying from your local butcher

In today’s busy world, the convenience of purchasing your meat at a supermarket is great.
But what most people don’t realise is that they can get the same level of convenience, plus the added benefit of a large selection of some of the freshest meats around, from their local butcher.
After speaking with your local butcher, he will make sure to provide you with special cuts of meat that big supermarkets might not be able to make.
A lot of people are still intimidated by a butcher. They see a counter full of raw meat and become confused, but that’s why they are there for, to offer advice on what to buy and how to cook it.
It’s also a good bet that your local butcher will provide you with a personalised service. They know and appreciate the fact that you are supporting their business, which in turn benefits the local community as a whole.
There are many more benefits to buying from your local butcher:
n Spices. Many butcheries will sell spices to compliment their meats, also they will be able to advise which spices will go well with your selection of meat.
n Spit braais. Entertaining quite a few guests but don’t have a big enough braai to fit all the meat on? No problem, your local butcher will more than likely have spit braais for hire and tell you how to use it.
So next time you’re craving an excellent cut of meat, consider buying from your local butcher.

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