March Birthday Celebrations

Happy birthday to your business

If your company’s birthday is near, celebrate it by showing your creative side and making a big buzz about a new project or product.

Launch that experiment you’ve been working on, but for which you never found enough push to complete it, hard deadlines usually do wonders. Do you have innovative, success-hungry employees to who you never gave enough chance to prove themselves?

Have them complete their ideas by the time to celebrate your corporate birthday. Show to the public that you’re celebrating your birthday by launching employee-initiated innovations.

If you’re a service company consider launching a product. Don’t be surprised if this results in new streams of income for you.

Launch a significant improvement to your product or service and tell the press about it. If you improve on something customers repeatedly asked for in the past, you may even get free social media buzz.

Before people decide to buy your new product, many of them will want some sort of proof that it’s really as awesome as you say it is. What do people do when they’re thinking about buying a new product? They go online to find out what other people are saying about it.

You can partner with some of the influencers your target consumers follow, and ask them to review your product. The important part is to work with influencers who have significant reach and impact in your target niche. You could give them an exclusive preview of your product, or send them some product samples.

Reviews from influencers in your niche can help you win the trust of your target consumers, many of whom may have never heard of your brand or product before. Ask the influencers to include info about your product launch in their posts as well to further help build buzz for the launch.

Don’t be afraid of failure. Your company is one year older and one year wiser. Experiments and new offerings are your way of telling the public that you’re not afraid to innovate.


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