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Life Link helps you to make an

informed parenthood choice

Life Link is a non-profit Christian organisation providing positive alternatives to abortion. They have well trained counsellors and supervised volunteers. Their mission is to help both teens and adults with crisis pregnancies by providing them with the emotional support they need. Life Link offers help to any motherto-

be irrespective of her age, status, religion, race or whatever her circumstances might be. They respect a woman’s right to choose at all times. All services provided by Life Link are free and confidential. Life Link was established in 2001 after the realisation that there was a growing need for a facility where teenagers or women, faced with an unwanted pregnancy, could go for information and help. Those who experience their

pregnancy as traumatic tend to panic. They are often angry, afraid, depressed and very lonely. Life Link

reaches out to them with love and compassion. Everyone at Life Link wants to make sure that women facing

an unwanted pregnancy do not make a rushed decision while they are still in shock or panicking.

The organisation provides balanced, non-manipulative information and practical assistance in a friendly and loving environment, which enables the teenager or woman to make an informed decision.

They also provide post-abortion counselling and help those who have undergone the trauma of an

abortion or those who have suffered a miscarriage.

Life Link provides the following services:

  • Free pregnancy testing
  • Clarity on life before birth
  • Pregnancy crisis counselling
  • Pre- and post-adoption advice
  • HIV counselling and testing
  • Post-abortion counselling
  • Support for single mothers
  • Friendly and understanding Assistance

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Pregnancy crisis service

Do you need to talk to someone who is neutral, someone who can help you to look at your choices objectively and provide confidential advice and non-judgemental support? Life Link offers post-adoption

counselling and support. Free and extensive counselling is available to birth parents facing an unplanned pregnancy. Life Link will help you to look at all your options so you make the best possible decision for yourself and your baby’s future. This service is available throughout the pregnancy and after the birth.

Help is both free and confidential, and will support you in whatever decision you make.

If you choose the adoption option, you will have a say in choosing specific parents for your baby.


If you are considering adoption, you are invited to contact Life Link for further information. All prospective parents who wish to adopt are screened and educated. You will work with a social worker, who will help you to develop the necessary insight or understanding to grow a well-prepared adoptive family.

For more information call 083 562 6106 or 011 394 8560.