Give your guest bathroom a facelift

Give your guest bathroom a facelift

This room, which is used on social occasions or when family and friends stay over, is usually smaller than the family bathroom and sometimes only consists of a narrow space fitted with a tiny basin, shower and toilet.

“There are no absolute rules when it comes to bathroom design, but through clever planning and the correct accessories, it is possible to design a guest bathroom that is visually pleasing while addressing practicalities,” said Liza Watermeyer, from Tile Africa.

Liza shared some tips on how to update your bathroom to make a good impression on your house guests.

Give them space:

Storage is an important element in any bathroom, especially in guest bathrooms which can have limited space and feel confining if there are too many objects. Clear the clutter and make the most of the restricted space by keeping bath and beauty products in a beautiful and practical vanity. “Visitors can also use vanities to store their products and belongings when not in use and this will keep the bathroom looking tidy,” said Liza.

Towel rails are not only an accessory for your bathroom but can also serve as great storage space to hang your towels. Consider getting heated towel rails which can come in handy in the cold winter months.

Taps, mixers and a shower heads in modern design lines instantly transform a tired looking bathroom. Consider changing your shower head or taps to give your bathroom that much needed upgrade. Water-saving shower heads are the latest trend and allow home owners to save water while still offering stylish designs that will complement the modern bathroom. “These water saving shower heads come in trendy designs and will not only beautify your bathroom but will also save water.”

Accessorise and get creative with décor:

Mirrorsare useful for visitors and can also make the room appear bigger as they reflect both artificial and natural light.

Ditch your outdated bathroom ware and add some bling with new accessories such as soap dispenser, towel rails, robe hooks and toothbrush holders. These are stylish and easy to assemble making it ideal for DIY hobbyists.

To complete the serenity theme and create a haven for relaxation add plush towels, fragrant soaps and place decorative items such as candles, pebbles, bamboo and twigs in clear glass vases. For those bigger budget upgrades mosaics are the ideal solution to introduce colour to the bathroom. Pastel-coloured mosaic tiles such as mint green and turquoise can create a calming effect in your bathroom.

“Small mosaic tiles can also make a small guest bathroom appear bigger,” said Liza.

The guest bathroom should be an extension of your home and should not be decorated in isolation. One way to achieve a uniformed look is by applying the same style and design to the other bathrooms in your home.