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Matric Farewell pictures 2017 (updated 19/10)

Kempton Express invite all 2017 matric learners to send us their matric farewell pictures. Some pictures will be selected for publication in the newspaper while all good quality photographs will be captured in a gallery on our website. Pictures must be at least 1MB in size to be considered for the newspaper and must include names and surnames, as well as the school’s name. The invitation is only open to learners at Kempton Park schools or learners living in Kempton Park but attending schools outside the city. Email all your photographs to [email protected]

Farm summit aims to address food security

‘Through our organisation we assist farmers to get agricultural land in their countries, as well as grants from the World Bank and African Development Bank’

Tourist sites in Tembisa cleaned up

‘We want to keep our environment safe, clean, healthy and ensure sustainability and restore community pride’.