‘Save our future! say marching Taal-Net students

“SAVE our future, say no to drugs!”

The message was heard loud and clear by community members when students from Taal-Net Group of Schools took a strong stance against drug abuse on Tuesday morning.

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The school’s students, along with their teachers, school principal and staff members marched around Kempton CBD.

Their campaign was clear – they want to stop drug abuse and young children getting involved in drugs.

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“We’ve seen stories in news reports on television where children as young as 10 are found in drug dens and it is absolutely shocking. That’s part of why we’ve decided to march today, so the kids can send a message directly to the streets where some of the perpetrators who sell these drugs to children are,” said deputy principal Davis Biza.

Officers from the EMPD’s Community Safety Department were also there to safely accompany the students and the teachers on their march.

The school’s principal, Sheperd Mudimu, expressed that while they haven’t experienced any cases where learners of their own were involved in drugs, it’s still an important societal issue they as a school can’t ignore.

“Reasons for children getting involved in drugs vary so much, including peer pressure, the neighbourhoods they live in as well as a general breakdown of strong family structures. For us as a school, marching like this to spread awareness and to reach as many people as possible has had a positive outcome, because we grabbed the attention of many people in the streets and hopefully our message went across effectively,” Mudimu said with a smile.


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