Daughter starts Facebook page for murdered dad

STEPHAN du toit who was murdered in his Norkem Park home in February.

THE daughter of a murdered Norkem Park father has created a Facebook page in order to try and find justice for him.

Stephan du Toit was shot and killed in his home on February 11, the same day one of his sons turned 30. Now, five months later, the police have made no progress with the case. This spurred Mariska Meyer to start the page.

“Every time I phoned the investigating officer, Const Ngwatu, he was in training or in court. I feel like I am running into a brick wall. Five months have passed and we are no

closer to getting the culprits.

“The police had forms from court to get the cellphone data on the stolen cellphones from the network provider in March but only executed it late April. I’m not even sure whether the

people from the complex have been interviewed or if statements were taken from them.

“Const Ngwatu needed alternative contact details, which I gave him. He in turn gave it to forensics. When asked why he did not phone this person, he replied he just needed this person’s address as he wanted to drive there straight and did not want to phone for the address.

“This page was started in the hope of getting justice for our dad. To the police he might just be another person, case number or unwanted paper work but to us he is so much more

than that,” she told Express.

The armed robbery occurred at a complex on Pongolariver Drive at 2am when three men gained access to the house.

“When the burglars switched on the bedroom light where my dad, his wife and my baby sister were asleep, one of their little miniature Dobermans, Shaggy, started to bark. He wanted to calm Shaggy down when one of the robbers shot him through the left shoulder first and then through the right hip.”

She said the intruders then climbed over her dad, collected five cell phones and ripped the chain from his wife’s neck. They climbed back over him and shot him a third time, severing his spine.

They ran off. A neighbour saw them jumping over a wall and the police and ambulance were phoned.

“I’m not sure what time my dad passed away but it was well after the emergency services arrived. I was called at 4.30am with the news,” Meyer said.

“Between the time the police arrived and the time I arrived my dad was attended to and forensics were done. No physical evidence was really collected on the scene, even though the burglars were wearing gloves without finger tips. Why were there no fingerprints found on the light switch?” she asked.

“When we arrived, the scene was not cordoned off and detergents had already been sprayed on the carpet and bed to remove the blood. My dad was already removed from the scene.

“A pick axe was used to gain access to the house and was left behind at the scene. I would have thought this would be evidence. This was only collected from the house two months after the incident.

“I have since tried to keep in contact with the police and tried to work with them, giving them all the info I have in an effort to get justice for our dad. I was told every 57 minutes a person gets killed in South Africa and that the officers were overwhelmed with cases on their desks.”

The page is called Justice for Stephanus Francois du Toit.

Acting Norkem Park SAPS spokesman, WO Mahlodi Langa, they were aware of Meyer’s concerns and urged her to be patient as investigations were still underway.

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