Driver fined by officer in unlicensed car

THE expired licence disc on the metro police vehicle.

A motorist who was fined because his car licence had expired, to his dismay discovered the metro police officer’s vehicle’s licence had also expired.

Henning Olivier was walking around the officer’s car while he was writing out his fine when he noticed the expired disc and immediately took a picture.

The incident happened shortly before 8am on the corner of Kerk and Greyilla streets on Wednesday, November 27.

When he questioned the officer about it, he said they had 21 days to renew the licence.

“That is true but we were on November 27. Who is going to give them a fine?” he asked.

Olivier also noticed he was fined for “not registered and licensed”.

“This is not true, as the vehicle is registered, just the licence had expired. I even showed the officer the registration papers as I had it with me to go and renew the licence that day.

The metro police had been approached for comment but had not yet responded.

Christa Smit

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