Resident allegedly turned away from clinic because she’s ‘white’

The metro has denied claims that Yolanda Ferencak’s children were turned away from Birchleigh North Clinic because they are white.

“The acting manager interviewed all the personnel at Birchleigh North Clinic. They indicated that none of them saw or sent away any patient or referred them to Birchleigh Clinic,” said Themba Gadebe, the metro’s spokesperson.

Ferencak from Terenure told Express that her 25-year-old daughter had taken her 11-month-old boy for immunisation injections at the clinic on July 4 when they were allegedly denied service.

“When my daughter got to the clinic she said a woman told her they did not assist white people and that it was a blacks-only clinic,” said Ferencak.

“Because they needed to go to a clinic, they then went to Birchleigh Clinic where they were assisted and a file for the baby was opened.”

“Racial preference or remarks are not tolerated and serious actions will be taken, should it occur,” said Gadebe.

“The management of health and social development takes the concern raised by the complainant very seriously and measures are in place to ensure that Batho Pele (people first) principles and the Patients’ Rights Charter are adhered to at all times. Corrective measures to prevent recurrence of similar incidents have been implemented.”

Gadebe also mentioned there were complaint procedures at the clinic.

“The manager nursing services conducts weekly supervisory visits at the clinic,” added Gadebe.

“Furthermore, the complaint procedure is displayed in the clinic. Clients are informed and advised on the procedure to follow if not happy with the service provided.”

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