NATIONAL: Toddler suffers burns during tonsil operation

A 23-month-old girl was badly burnt when her parents took her to have her tonsils removed  at Netcare Linmed Hospital in Rynfield on November 24.

The parents, who wanted to remain anonymous to protect the privacy of their toddler, said the girl suffered burns to her tongue, gums and lips, Benoni City Times reported.

“The doctor said it would be a short operation: 30 minutes in theatre and 15 minutes in recovery,” said the mother.

The procedure was scheduled for 8.30am and when the doctor approached the parents by 10am, he apparently said  ‘there was a flame and she was burnt’.

The hospital manager blamed the doctor and the doctor blamed the equipment, the girl’s father said.

The parents said all they want is accountability and to know exactly what had happened.

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