A very quick explanation about fibre

Can’t make sense of fibre internet?

Cell C’s executive head: broadband, Dederick Venter, explains what you need to know.

Chances are you have seen the ads, the flyers, maybe even met the eager salespeople.

Fibre internet is slowly expanding across South Africa’s metropolitan areas, introducing a new level of internet access that really stands beyond compare. Fibre is considerably faster than ADSL and more stable than the wireless signals from mobile broadband.

The closest other option is LTE, which itself is blisteringly fast. But fibre is the king of this mountain.

This certainly sounds like a good deal, but is it?

What is fibre and should you cave in to your family’s calls to have it installed? That depends on what you are looking for, but if you live a connected life, you won’t regret ordering fibre.

The traditional way to ferry the digital information of the internet around is to use copper cables, which carry electrical signals. But fibre sends beams of light down long translucent threads. This has several benefits: fibre do not decay as fast as copper lines and fibre is less exposed to interference.

It is also very fast, comfortably offering speeds 10 times that of ADSL and beyond. Even at its lower end – 10 to 20mbps (mbps is internet speed as km/h is to cars) – fibre is more reliable.

It also has more capacity, so no more fights over who is doing what online and draining all the speed. A 20mbps fibre link can comfortably carry the internet demands of a family of four or more. Through it you can stream HD movies, browse the web, hold video chats with friends and even control a security system – all at the same time.

Sold? Great. But first you need to check if you have access to fibre, since networks are still growing their footprint.

Consult the map of a fibre provider, such as on Cell C’s C Fibre website. If you do qualify, find a price and package that suits your needs and place the order.

There are a few extra facts worth knowing.

Fibre has once-off installation and connection fees, though some fibre providers will absorb those costs. Some fibre providers require you to sign a long term contract but you can also get it on month to month options.

Finally, many will only offer a limited amount of data a month, but there is scant reason why you can’t enjoy unlimited data on fibre. With the world of content and digital entertainment fast expanding, uncapped fibre will allow worry-free always-on connection.

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