WATCH: CCTV footage shows man’s dive into sinkhole

Robert McGill looks at the hole he fell into when the paving caved in during the early hours of Thursday. The paving was flooded due to a burst water pipe on Monument Road.

Repairs were ongoing on Friday in front of Sound Experience on Monument Road after paving caved in following a burst pipe.

Owners Sandra and George McGill were woken up by a call from Alpha Security at 2am, informing them about the water pipe that had burst and that water was flooding into the shop,” said Sandra.

“I immediately called the metro to inform them about the situation in an effort to get help. George and I got dressed and went to the shop where we were met with gushing water.”

Sandra said they waited for help from the metro for hours on end. “I called the metro numerous times asking for help and each time I was told they would report it and escalate the matter,” said Sandra.

“It was only when I called at 4.30am that I was told there was no emergency team at night and they could only respond to the call at 8am.

“George and I were worried because the water just kept streaming into neighbouring properties for all those hours.”

A small sinkhole was caused by the continuously running water.

“My son, Robert, fell into the sinkhole when he came to the shop around 5.30am,” said Sandra.

“I hadn’t told him what had happened so he parked his car and walked around to see what was happening which was when the paving caved in and he fell in.

The backyard was left in a mess when the water subsided.

“I called the call centre again and told them what happened to Robert and that it was dangerous but they said there was nothing they could do until 8am. Unfortunately, all this time while we were waiting for the metro, the place was flooded and it also flooded properties around the shop.”

“The municipal workers were here at 8am and managed to stop the water,” said Sandra.

She told EXPRESS they did not know the extent of the damage as they still needed the damage to be assessed. “From what we can see the paving is completely ruined.”

“We also don’t know what damage this has caused in neighbouring properties. I believe the damage could have been less had we been able to get help sooner.

Mike Hunt’s property on Pionier Street was also flooded. Hunt’s property is directly behind the business on Monument Road that experienced a burst pipe.

Sandra said the workers on site were incredible and worked hard to solve the problem. “I am just disappointed that there was no emergency team available to assist when we needed it most. A lot of water has been lost through this.”

Mike Hunt’s property on Pionier Street was among the neighbouring properties that were also flooded.

“We are directly behind the property on Monument Road that experienced the burst pipe. We woke up around 4.30am when we heard water gushing into our yard,” said Hunt.

The backyard was left in a mess when the water subsided.

When they went outside to see what was happening they found their yard and pool flooded. “This is the third time in two years that we experience floods due to a burst pipe on Monument Road.

“Due to previous experiences, we re-did our paving in such a way that the water runs into the garden and out onto the street and not into the house.”

Puleng Sekabate

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