Security company arrests culprit making a run for it

The suspect on the back of an Alpha Security van following the chase. Photograph: Alpha Security

RESIDENTS of Kempton helped with the arrest of a man who attempted a burglary on Mallard Street at 8.45am on November 9.

Alpha Security responded to the call after a nearby resident alerted them about a suspected burglary in progress.

After the man noticed the security company, he made a run for it.

An eyewitness of the incident, Anuska Engelbrecht-Bowen of Allycats Community Watch, said the man was spotted by residents at one of the houses when he tried to escape.

“They cleverly stood back and waited for him to come out from his hideout. When he did, he continued to run down the road. Residents chased him down,” the witness said.

She said that the response from Alpha Security was very impressive.

“It was really good to watch everybody do their thing, ensuring that the culprit is apprehended,” she added.


Tumi Riba

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