Wheelie bins: everything you should know

IT is recommended that you mark your wheelie bin with your street name and number.

Roll-out details per ward

Ward 15 (Van Riebeeck Park, Birchleigh, Glen Marais)

18 to 23 September from 10am to 6pm

Collection points:

1. Wynand Marais Hall, corner Olienhout and Houtkapper streets, Birchleigh (18 and 19 September)

2. Clubhouse, corner Cloete and Essenwood streets, Birchleigh (18 and 19 September)

3. Park corner of De Wiekus and Christoffel streets, Van Riebeeck Park (20 and 21 September)

4. Open land next to Soutpansberg Drive close to intersection with Pretorius Street, Van Riebeeck Park (22 and 23 September)

5. Road reserve corner Veld and Dann roads, Glen Marais (22 and 23 September)

6. Public land next to Stephanus Road, Glen Marais (20 and 21 September)

Contact: Gideon van Zyl 071 177 5571

Ward 16 (Kempton Park CBD, Kempton Park ext 2-4, Allen Grove, Nimrod Park, Aston Manor, Glen Marais ext 1-7)

4 to 9 September from 10am to 6pm

11 and 12 September – home visits

Collection points: Vaalboom and Oubos streets (this information has been changed since publication).

Contact: Jaco Terblanche 083 413 2420

Ward 23 (Bonaero Park)

4 to 9 September from 10am to 6pm

Collection points: Bonaero Park Pick n Pay, Bonaero Park Soccer Club

Contact: André du Plessis 083 655 8187

Ward 91 (Norkem Park, Birchleigh North, Esselen Park ext 1, Witfontein)

Has already been completed but a second roll-out will take place at a future date.

Contact: Desmond McKenzie 082 454 4407

Ward 104 (Esther Park, Terenure, Kempton Park West, part of Birch Acres, part of Van Riebeeck Park)

It will only be done in November. A date has not been confirmed yet.

Contact: Tracey Lourenco 082 451 2255

Delivery and collections

1. Will my bin be delivered to my home?

Only pensioners, disabled people and complexes who have passed their information through to the municipality at the email [email protected] will have deliveries taking place during the roll-out. All other residents will have to collect their bins.

2. What documentation will I need to get my bin or receive my bin when delivered?

A copy of your ID and municipal account

3. If I cannot collect my bin due to other commitments or live in a complex, can I ask somebody else to collect my bin?

Yes. For complexes, bins will be delivered and the representative of the governing body will be able to collect it for you. Ensure the representative has the documentation needed – a copy of your ID, municipal account plus a letter giving them permission to collect your bin. They will also need their ID.

4. If I live in a complex, can we retain the blue bins?

If you want to retain the blue bins, the situation will have to be assessed by an employee of the waste department. In principle, all residents should get wheelie bins, except if there is a specific agreement made with the municipality.

5. Can I take more than one wheelie bin?

Yes, but you will be charged a monthly fees of R150.52 per bin.

6. Can I refuse to take a bin?

Yes, but you will still be charged the monthly service fee of a bin per house/unit.

7. What if I am out of town or unable to collect my bin during the roll-out? Can I still get a bin later?

Yes. It needs to be collected from the depot on the corner of Kelvin and H Lewis street in Spartan.

Costs and billing

1. How much will it cost to collect a wheelie bin?

The supply of wheelie bins has no charge associated to it.

2. How will I be billed and how much?

Wheelie bins will be charged on a monthly basis to the owner’s account. The charge will be R150.92 a month plus VAT per wheelie bin. This will replace the current refuse collection charge.

3. If I don’t take a bin, will I still be charged?


Operations and management after the roll-out

1. Once the roll-out has been completed, will my refuse bags still be collected?

No. The vehicles are being adapted with lifting mechanisms for the wheelie bins and it is very difficult to get black bags into the back of the truck once these mechanisms have been fitted.

2. My refuse will not fit into one bin. What can I do?

You will have to get more than one bin or remove your additional bags separately to the transfer station.

3. Where must my bin be placed on collection day?

Outside your yard in the road reserve.

4. What time must my bin be moved outside my yard?

It is recommended to do it around 7am.

5. What happens if my wheelie bin gets stolen?

You can purchase another wheelie bin at the depot if you produce an affidavit after reporting the theft to your local police station. The cost of a replacement wheelie bin is R392 plus a 20 per cent handling fee.

6. If my bin has been stolen and I have reported it, will I still be charged on a monthly basis for the bin?

Yes. If you collect an additional bin, you will be charged additionally for a second bin. If you, however, purchase a new bin, you will only be charged for one bin as the previous bin will be removed from your bill.

7. Will non-municipal branded bins also be serviced?

No. If you do not use the standard municipal bin, the bin will not be serviced as part of the collection service of the municipality.

All the dos and donts


• Place out bins at 7am on your day of collection as indicated on the municipal collection calendar (the day your black bags are being collected at the moment)

• Remove your bin from the kerbside as soon as possible after they have been emptied it

• Make sure the lid of your bin is closed to avoid littering and rodent access.

• All supplied wheelie bins remain the property of the City of Ekurhuleni and should not be painted. Only mark the bins with your street name and number and or complex number and name.

• If you are moving house, the wheelie bin must remain at the address to which it was allocated.


• Do not place more refuse in the bin than the bin can take. If the bin lid cannot be closed due to too much content, it will not be collected.

• The following should NOT be disposed of in the bin:

o Rocks and soil

o Commercial, industrial and building waste

o Car batteries

o Gas cylinders

o Motor oil and solvents

o Firearms or explosives

o Dead animals

o Any hazardous items

• It is recommended not to place any recyclables in the bins but place them in a separate bag on the side for recycling.

General advice and tips

1. Marking of bins: even though the information pamphlets being circulated will state that you should not mark your bin, please do so, as theft of bins are rife and you will be liable to pay a replacement fee if your bin is stolen.

2. Maintaining bins: It is recommend to regularly wash out your bin, especially if there are any fluids that spilled by accident. That will allow your bin to remain relatively odour-free.

3. Become recycling-friendly: it is recommended to remove all recyclables from the bins before putting them out, as experience has learned that bin pickers will sometimes empty out bins that have recyclables in them and would not replace the refuse removed or not clean up properly afterwards.

The municipality will not clean up afterwards, so the recommendation is to place the recyclables in a separate bag on collection day.

If the complete community works along with this the challenges of recyclables will be resolved when the bin pickers realise that recyclables are no longer kept with other refuse in your bin.

4. Compost rather than dispose garden refuse: the current waste collected consists of about 75 per cent garden refuse. The use of bins will create a challenge for those people with large gardens as they will either have to get additional bins or take the garden refuse to a transfer station to dispose of it.

It is recommended that those who have a large enough property start a composting pit and compost garden refuse. They will then be able to generate their own garden compost and save quite a bit in garden maintenance cost in the process.

Information supplied by Clr Gideon van Zyl

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