Help with keys locked in car appreciated

MATTHEW BRUINS-LICH of Bredell writes:

I would like to give my gratitude to Miss Frances Adams at Game (East Point).

Miss Adams works in the jewellery department and was so helpful to me when I needed assistance.

I went to Game to look for a heater as it is starting to get cold now.

Anyway, I parked the car close to Game’s entrance and as I got out and locked the door, I realised I locked the keys in the car.

It is funny now but it wasn’t then.

So after asking help from the car guards, to no avail, I went into Game and came across Miss Adams and told her my story.

She insisted on helping me. Much obliged by her lovely attitude, we tried to get hold of my mom and sister, which proved to be quite difficult actually.

Anyway, eventually luck came into play after about two hours of Miss Adams trying to get hold of them, even with her own cellphone.

Talk about going out of her way to help me; she is very optimistic. We eventually managed to get hold of them and they brought the spare key and I was saved.

Most of the readers are probably wondering why I didn’t use my own cellphone, that’s because my cellphone was busy dying.

I would like to say a very large thank you to Miss Adams for going an extra mile for me.

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