New face at MES

LUWANDA Conco has joined the MES Kempton Park team.

MES Kempton Park welcomed a new staff member, Luwanda Conco, in January.

She joined the team as an intern to support their financial administration, public relations and resource development activities.

Conco holds a certificate in event management from Rosebank College and is currently enrolled at Unisa for economic and management sciences.

She describes herself as an urban kind of woman, God-fearing and loving, with a heart for people.

“I am very detail orientated, independent and perfectionistic, which leads most people to think I am bit controlling, which is not true. I just like to do the best I can and receive the best I can.

“I am so excited to have joined the MES Kempton team and look forward with excitement to all that I’m going to learn and be a part of in the year I am at MES.

“With every day that I’ve been at MES Kempton thus far, my eyes have been opened to new and exciting times and tasks. I can almost describe it as an experience that has taken me out of my comfort zone, and I know this is just the beginning.”

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