A tiny Christmas gift for Norkem Park couple

TINY Rikard le Roux is doing well after being born at 34 weeks, on Christmas Day.

A Norkem Park couple received an unexpected surprise on Christmas Day when their first born arrived at 34 weeks.

Baby Rikard le Roux was delivered by an emergency caesarian at Netcare Linmed Hospital and weighed only 1.45kg.

His mother, Salome, was admitted to hospital on December 21, as her gynaecologist was not happy with the baby’s growth, dad Jacques said.

“The placenta was a concern. On the afternoon of December 25 Salome had severe pain and developed pre-eclampsia. It was decided it would be best to deliver the baby earlier,” Jacques said.

Pre-eclampsia is a complication of pregnancy. Women with pre-eclampsia have high blood pressure (hypertension), protein in their urine and may develop other symptoms and problems.

Rikard, who was supposed to be born on January 27, was delivered at 8.25pm on Christmas Day.

The baby is still in the neo-natal ICU but Salome was released on December 29. She says Rikard is doing well, gaining weight, drinking more and more every day and was removed from oxygen and drips on January 2.

He has gained 110g and now weighs 1.63kg. On Monday he had his first five-minute bottle feed.

Staff have also increased his feeds to 10 minutes, every alternate feed.

According to Salome, Rikard will still be in hospital for about two to three weeks. “He is doing so well and his daddy and I are very proud of him.”

The couple thanked gynaecologist Dr Karl Haacke, as well as the maternity and ICU staff.

“They are great with the babies and offer good emotional support to the parents.”


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