Calling this service would be an injustice

ANGRY RESIDENT, Glen Marais, writes:

I have not received a municipal account for more than two years. The same applies for vehicle licence renewals.

The Ekurhuleni website did work, sometimes, but since they changed the system it no longer works for me.

I especially took time off work on December 23 to go to their offices, having read in the Kempton Express they would remain open until 1pm.

I arrived just after 12 and they had closed. Do they realise how they inconvenience us?

How much does it cost for us, the rate payers, to be messed around by them?

Do they know what they are doing? Someone must have given the closing time to Kempton Express.

I am fed up with the disgusting mess – sorry, I cannot call it service as this would be an injustice.

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